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About Wildwood Pest Control

We are a Small Family Owned pest control company that have been serving the Metro St. Louis area as well the Wildwood MO surrounding areas since 1989. Rick Isenmann the owner started only with his stainless steel tank he purchased from Sears and his small family car with a large trunk. He was looking for a part-time job to supplement his full-time job in the printing business. He wanted something that could be done at lunchtime, after work and weekends so his wife Nancy could stay at home with their 3 small kids. As the years passed his company continued to grow from his knowledge of pest control and the ability to treat people like he would like to be treated. The fast pace growth also was contributed by his affordable pricing due to very little overhead. Eventually the economy took a toll on his full-time job in the printing business and with downsizing he was let go after 29 years in the business.

My wife and I decided to take a gamble and go into the pest control business full-time and here we are. We have the most talented team of technicians with many years of experience and an office staff that can’t be beat. Our goal is to become one of the leading pest control companies in the St. Louis Metro area as well as the Wildwood surrounding areas. Rick still works in the field everyday to stay in touch with many of his customers that built our business years ago. We are a complete full service pest control company handling all pests in the residential and commercial services. From termites to bed bugs to even wildlife with still give all of our services a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Rick served as president of the St. Louis Pest Control Association for several years and is currently a board member which he helps other pest control companies with his knowledge of growing the

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Wildwood Pest Control is committed to providing fast and effective pest control applications with affordable pricing while protecting our environment, families and businesses.

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